Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing Deeper In Love With My Beloved Spouse

With 5 growing children in the family, I confess that I sometimes do not have much time for my beloved husband.

Balancing between career, children, husband, church and housework did really spread my time thin. But it was really good to be busy. Through it all, I have learned to treasure the 24 hours of each day. It amazes me how much we can do each day if time is well managed. The moments of fellowship with children and spouse were much treasured and appreciated.

Today, all my children are not with me. It is not that I am sad. I am happy for them for what they are doing in their lives today. I have chosen early retirement from government service to help my husband in his business. It's really quite exciting. There are many new things to learn. Sometimes I can be quite lost but I am enjoying this new 'adventure'. It is good to be always calling and asking of the Lord for guidance, knowledge, wisdom, etc., etc. Things are anticipated to become more hectic when the factory starts operation. So, God grant me strength.

With the absence of our beloved children, there is nobody else but both of us, husband and wife. So, we now have more time for each other. We sort of purposed and pledged to love and care for each even more than before. Amazing! The love grows stronger and deeper. Why? It is because we know there is nobody else but both of us to spend the golden years together. We either choose to treasure and love each other or become impatient with each other.

We pray God will bond us in His love that this marriage will glorify Him. Even as I write this, I know out there are my 5 lovely children who will always love us and care for us.

Thank you, my Almighty God. I love you always, my LORD!